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12/11/05-Liberty City

Proud Of East Texas: Tim Clanton

Tim Clanton's journey from his days as a professional firefighter to the present as a woodcarver, has had many twists and turns. Clanton began carving canes in the shapes of elephants, snakes, and horses when he needed a cane himself to walk.

An accident while fighting a fire in 1981 almost cost Clanton his life, and a stroke in 1999 did further damage. But Clanton says these near-death experiences have made him much more aware of the important things in life. Clanton makes very little money from his carvings. In fact, he gives away more than he sells. However, the joy of duplicating nature in his carvings gives Clanton a joy that he describes as a "gift from God."

Oralia Ortega, reporting.


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