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Chimney Fire Burns Tyler Family Out Of Home

A family of five is burned out of their home when their chimney caught fire. It happened last night in the 1200 block of North Confederate Avenue in Tyler. Authorities say the blaze spread from the chimney to the attic. The homeowner, Francisco Solis, says the TV, which sits on his mantle went out. He then noticed fire behind it. Francisco ran upstairs to check the wiring, and that's when he realized the chimney was on fire.

He says he tried to put out the blaze, but the smoke was overwhelming. "I tried to grab water and throw water. But I couldn't get in," said Solis. "I burned my hair when I went in the second time so I said, let's call firefighters because we won't be able to put it out."

Damages from the fire are estimated at $11,000. Officials say the chimney was designed for a gas heater, but the homeowner was burning wood.

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