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Shelter Needs

A common scene this morning in East Texas. Car doors frozen shut, a tough dilemma, but imagine being stuck out in this arctic cold night after night.

Tony Chung is the director of the Highway 80 Rescue Mission in Longview. 

He says, "It's pretty hard to get around when your hands are cold, your head is cold, and your body is cold."

About seventy homeless men stay here every night at the Highway 80 Rescue Mission. They get three hot meals a day, and a comfortable place to lay their heads. But the director of the mission says they need more.

"They need gloves. Gloves are not something that they keep all year round. Long johns, they can put on under their clothes, and a sweater, and a coat. We definitely need coats," Chung said.

Usually, this supply closet at The Salvation Army in Tyler would be full of blankets and clothes. But they've had a lot of requests.

Linda Edwards is the Director of Community Relations for The Salvation Army.

She said, "People are calling constantly. The last two days have been very tough. To have to say we don't have any right now. Check back with us."

Linda says sometimes, it takes severe weather to make people realize how significant the need is.

"There's many of our folks in East Texas that need a helping hand. That don't have that luxury of a warm fire, or warm blanket."

Local shelters say they desparetly need donations. With your help, they can continue to offer those less fortunate protection from the bitter cold.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.


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