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Slick Roads Make It Difficult To Stop

To react to those slick roadways, drivers have been told over the years to pump their brakes if they hit a patch of ice. That message has now changed. Mechanics say the ABS brake system in cars is designed to handle bad weather conditions. Mechanics say all you have to do is push the brakes, and the brakes will automatically pump for you.

"You just continually hold your break down, not a panic stop, not jamming them, but just hold your brake pedal trying to try to stop," said Dorman Jennings, Owner of A & B Brake & Alignment. "Your car should do it automatically. That's what ABS is, anti-lock breaking system." Most cars equipped with the ABS system, display a little red light in the dash, with the letters ABS when you turn the engine on.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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