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Construction Delay On Two Habitat Homes

Two East Texas families spent hours working toward receiving their home through Habitat for Humanity and were looking forward to being in their new homes before Christmas. However, after hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit, construction on their homes were put on hold.

Bernadette Hampton, Future Habitat Homeowner, has been dreaming of the day that she would own her own home. Hampton says, "It's important to me and my family because it's the American dream to own your own home."

The 13 sponsor churches are also working on completing the families' dreams, but said at the time, their volunteers and finances were exhausted. Heather Pickett, Director of Development at Habitat for Humanity, got the calls from the sponsor churches. Pickett says, "There wasn't money to buy the nail and their weren't the hands to drive the hammers. When the people called and told us they were very upset, their were pastors crying on the phone to me." Then the staff had to tell the homeowners they would not be in their new homes for Christmas.

Hampton says, "I was disappointed greatly but yet sympathetic because of the Katrina victims that didn't have a home and I still have a home. My kids were greatly disappointed as well but I've explained to them that there are children have lost all of their toys and things."

The foundation of Bernadette's house been poured. However, additional funds are needed for both Habitat Homes. Pickett says, "We are still looking at about $25,000 that we need to build these homes once we get the ball rolling in January."

The construction on both houses is scheduled to start sometime in January. If you would like to volunteer or donate towards the houses, you can call the Habitat for Humanity office in Tyler.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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