Accident Leaves 19 Year Old In Coma

The family of a girl  in a coma, at a Tyler hospital, needs help finding out what happened to her. Nineteen year old Ashley Willis was in a car accident the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It happened off Interstate 45 near Leona.  Her father believes she was forced off the road. During a twenty mile stretch on I-45, Ashley frantically called her family, her boyfriend and a sorority sister. She said she was being harrassed by two trucks. In a press conference Friday, the family said that DPS was supposed to start investigating the accident five days ago, but only begun last night. Alex Willis, father; says, "It's been over a week , so I'm disappointed in that but know I hope they can find something and with you guy's help. I really and truly hope so because my daughter is a good student, good person and she would give her shirt of her back." Again the accident was off Interstate 45 near Leona.  Ashley was driving a red F-150 pick up truck. Her family believes the accident happened around 4 o'clock last Wednesday. If you have any information about the accident you are encouraged to call your local DPS