Christmas Tree Farm

It's that time of year to decorate for the holidays, which for many East Texans includes picking out the perfect Christmas tree. Plantation Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Tyler was busy on Friday. The tree farm is off County Road 429. We caught up with an energetic group of four and five year olds from Tiny Town Learning Center, who were on a hunt for the perfect tree. Nancy Wiggins, Owner of Plantation Pines Christmas Tree Farm welcomes the children, "I want to welcome you all to the farm this morning and what we're going to do is go on a hay ride. If you know a Christmas song you can sing it real loud so I can hear it over the tractor."

The kids started sing and off they went on a hay ride through the tree farm. Wiggins says, "We're gonna come over here in the field and we're gonna get to talk about Christmas trees." The children gathered around to listen. "I love kiddos, there's just a love there. My husband loves growing Christmas trees so there's a combination there."

Wiggins says, "They need to know where a tree comes from as far as just going to pick one up at the store, you know there's a lot of work behind that. In a little bit, I'll show you a couple of trees that we didn't trim and they're going to be wild and funny looking." The children found the untrimmed tree, which they called the "silly tree". Wiggins says, "This is what all of our trees would look like if we went out and played in the summertime and didn't take care of our Christmas trees."

Then the children were off to find a Christmas tree for their classroom. "It means so much for a kid to find that tree, the perfect one," says Wiggins. Five year old Sarah thinks the trees look like a triangle, a circle triangle, but she didn't pick out a crazy ones.

The children watched as the tree was cut down and then helped carry the tree back to the trailer. The Christmas tree the children picked out will go in their classroom at Tiny Town Learning Center. The teachers say they will decorating it on Monday. The Plantation Pines Christmas Tree Farm is open Sunday through Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.