Last Suspect In High-Profile Murder Case Sentenced

A shackled Stefany Campos pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Campos hid the weapon used to kill Shawn Pickens in a 2004 murder-for-hire. Her attorney says she had nothing to do with planning the murder, but calls the sentence "fair." "I hate to portray her as a victim because she's not a victim other than being a victim of being young and dumb and making bad mistakes in her life as to who she hangs out with," says Campos' Defense Attorney Robert Perkins.

Campos' boyfriend, Cornet Meekins, was hired to murder Pickens. He was convicted and sentenced to life last month, along with Bryson Carey who was given 25 years. Ringleader Jemarcus Warren was given 40 years in a plea bargain.

Christine Nelson reporting.