Big Sandy Community Holds A Bonfire For Their Football Team

Big Sandy may not be big, but their love for their football team is just that. This Friday, the Big Sandy Wildcats continue their run in the playoffs. Tonight, the community held a bonfire for the team.

"This is about getting the kids fired up and the community fired up and letting them know what great groups of kids we have in Big Sandy," said Ken Lowely, Big Sandy Resident.

"It means a lot to us," said Ross Graziano, football player. "The community shows a lot of support and we really appreciate everything they do for us." School spirit is not hard to find in Big Sandy. That's because when it comes to football, the entire community gets involved.

"My kids played here, and I love these kids and I love Big Sandy football," said Lowely.

"We have an awesome team and I think they're playing real good and doing good this season," said Sherry Lowely. Fans say this year no one will stop Big Sandy.

"They are going all the way," said Carla Lucas, Big Sandy Resident. "They are going to win state." If they do, the entire community will be there to cheer them on. The Big Sandy Wildcats play Iola High School this Friday night in Athens at 8:00 p.m.

Molly Reuter, reporting.