Several Restaurants Have Temperature, Cleanliness Problems

Fuller's Fine Foods at 601 E. Front St. in Tyler was inspected Nov. 15.

Raw eggs were at 57°, milk at 49°, and ham at 46°.  They should all be 41° or below. Improper handwashing was noted, as were dented cans, and a meat slicer needed cleaning.  There was no hand sanitizer or gloves used by employees, and no soap at a handsink. Raw eggs were stored over salad, and pork chops were stored above milk. Also, the dish machine not sanitizing, but that was corrected during the inspection.

Total demerits: 44. A recheck has been ordered, but it is not yet on file.

Golden Corral at 420 WSW Loop 323 in Tyler was inspected Oct. 28. There were numerous cold temperature violations including batter held at air temperature, ribs at 61°, raw cube steak at 58°, tuna at 55°, and crab meat at 52°. They should all be 41° or below.  Baked potatoes were at 129° and chicken at 119-130°. They should be 140° or hotter.  There were also improper cooling procedures for hot gravy.

Brenda Elrod is chief sanitarian with the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

"You've got to keep that temperature [correct] because each time you don't, you give bacteria the opportunity to grow and thrive and you can get sick," she said.

Dented cans were noted, and flies were seen throughout the food preparation area. Insect spray was stored near an ice machine, and there was no sanitizer in a dish machine.  Plus, a tub of "clean" utensils were not clean.  They had a greasy or oily film on them. A cutting board in meat prep area was mildewed.

Total demerits: 31.  On a recheck: Nov. 7, an employee was seen handling dirty, then clean utensils without washing their hands. The dishwashing water was also not hot enough. The unit was reset, then it heated properly.

Total demerits: 11. No further recheck ordered.

D's Royal Coffee Shop at 710 E. Front St. in Tyler was inspected Nov. 10. Raw eggs were stored above batter and cheese in the cooler. There was no hand sanitizer at handsinks. Also, the ice machine was directly connected to sewer line. Plus, food surfaces and utensils were not clean.

Total demerits: 17. No recheck ordered.

All inspections conducted by the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.