John Tyler High School Goes To DVD Yearbooks

They're going digital. This year, John Tyler High School students will see their first DVD yearbook. However, some students are dissatisfied with a yearbook that has no pages to flip through, or pages to sign. John Tyler senior, Cecelia Jordan says, "To have that yearbook means a lot and may just be a little thing and just a little piece of time but it's still your high school." Cecelia and her classmates want to cherish their high school memories in a book not a DVD. She says, "I want something I can hold in my hands and take to college with me and look back and flip back in 50 years from now."

Cecelia's father, Harvon Jordan, doesn't think this new technology is a good idea. He says, " I remember when eight track tapes were new technology, I remember beta video tapes and then we had VHS. Then we had cassette tapes and now we have DVD's how long will that technology last before it changes. So I don't think technology will preserve those memories the way the actual yearbook will."

Cecelia says, "A DVD could get scratched and most times when you buy a DVD or CD, it gets scratched the first day. You can scratch it putting it back in the case and your friends can't sign that and you can't flip through it."

John Tyler High School Principal, Dr. Michael McFarland, says the change was an economical decision and on average only 80 yearbooks are sold every year out of 2200 students. McFarland says, "I wanted to make the yearbook that was affordable for everyone and also something that would change with the times so we moved to a DVD yearbook. We feel like with this change it's going to improve things and give kids something they can cherish for a long time at an affordable price." Dr. McFarland says with the new DVD yearbooks, students can enjoy video from school events .

The cost of a paper yearbook is approximately $50.00 and the new DVD yearbooks will cost under $10.00. Cecelia and her classmates say a DVD won't be the same as a the traditional yearbook. However, like the hair styles and clothes in old yearbooks, you must change with the time.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.