Small East Texas Town Celebrates Their Football Team

In one small East Texas community, there is more to celebrate than just the holidays. All Big Sandy wants for Christmas, is for their football team to win state.

With a population of just 15,000 people, the word "big" in Big Sandy doesn't describe the size of the town. Right now, residents say the "big" stands for football.

"Big Sandy and football is just tradition, but especially because it has really drawn the community together, like seeing people come to the pep rallies and meeting people on the highways telling the kids goodbye," said Big Sandy Mayor Sonny Parsons. The fans' support for their football team doesn't stop there. They are buying wrist bands, and today, Lynda Childress and Wanda Bunn painted the town gold and blue.

"We're doing it because no one in town had any signs out or anything," said Lynda Childress, Big Sandy Resident. "You can go through Canton and you know they're in the playoffs, so we just wanted everyone to know that Big Sandy is in the playoffs too."

"We are so proud of them, so proud of their accomplishments and whatever they've done thus far," said Wanda Bunn, Big Sandy Resident. "We just want to cheer them on and continue to support them." The town's new look is a big hit.

"It's wonderful, beautiful," said Shawana Johnson, Big Sandy Resident. "Big Sandy's in the house, hey."

"It takes us back to the 70's when we were winning over everybody, so we are going to try to make the town proud again and show our pride for the cats," said Linda Baggett. Last year, Big Sandy made it to the Semi-Finals, but this year, community members say they are going all the way.

"We are going to state," said Johnson. "We are the best in the East and the South and the North, we are it. We are going." The community will be right behind them the whole way.

Molly Reuter, reporting.