Shark Powered Scooper: "Does It Work?"

This week, one of the most intriguing products we've ever tested. Evidently, the folks at the Shark Corporation ran out of ideas to modify the handheld vacuum, and came up with this little gadget, for the person on your Christmas list who really has everything.

This week, we put the Shark Powered Scooper to the "Does It Work?" test. "Motorized touch free cleanup," it says on the box. Inside you'll find the scoop extender for large messes, the unit itself, 4 AAA batteries and two rolls of ten bags.

Assembly is not really intuitive, so we suggest you read the instructions. Actually, it's very difficult to describe this unit in print. You're best served by referring to a picture of the fully assembled unit.

We broke a jar of hot sauce and started cleaning it up with the Powered Scooper. We make this first attempt without the scoop extender. Push the button on the handle to start the motorized action which reels in the bag. At the same time you are rolling the scooper toward the mess.

We had to abort on this first try. A large piece of glass jammed the bag reel. We pulled the whole thing out over the trash can and started over. Eventually, it scooped it all up, but it took three attempts and three bags.

Next, we made a mess with some bread and barbecue sauce. On the floor it goes and here we come with the Powered Scooper, this time with the extender on the end. Push the button, slide the scoop toward the mess and watch the Powered Scooper suck it all in the bag. This time we're impressed.

It's supposed to work on carpet too. We scooped some noodles with cream sauce and chicken onto the carpet. The Powered Scooper made quick work of it.

We broke a second, identical jar of hot sauce on the hard floor and this time attempted to clean it up with the scoop extender. No doubt, the large scoop made all the difference this time. What took three bags last time, took just one. The mess was gone in seconds, at least all the big pieces. We had to wipe up the stain from the floor, but we did not have to touch any glass or hot sauce with our hands.

"Does It Work?" The better question may be "Why do you need this?," but that's not what we do. This thing would probably be a good fit for someone with an accident prone dog. ;)

We paid $29.99 for the Shark Powered Scooper at Linens 'N Things. Bed, Bath & Beyond has it for the same price.

Six rolls of refill bags, 60 bags, is $9.95.

Joe Terrell, reporting.