An East Texas Organization Raises Their Own Money

For the past month, FFA members at New Diana High School have been busy selling turkeys and fruit to raise money for their organization. Today, members unloaded truck loads of fruit they sold. The school says almost 2/3 of their student population is in the Future Farmers of America. The money raised will help them attend conventions and enter competitions.

"We've had the opportunity to go to nationals in several contests, and the more that we can raise the funds here the less the students have to come up with because the school can't pay for it all," said Johnny Willeford, FFA Instructor.

"To me they're important," said J.W. Foster, FFA Student. "They help me get scholarships by doing this because they open that door, that opportunity." The FFA program at New Diana High School has been raising their own money for 30 years.

Molly Reuter, reporting.