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Free Counseling For Troubled Couples

Centrepoint Ministries began counseling five years when Ron Wells felt God gave him a mission in life, to help build stronger families.

"We just want it to be a central place, that people will know that there is a place that is dedicated to helping families heal and become healthy."

He says they take couples and families in crisis on a journey where they teach them to T.A.L.K. T.A.L.K. stands for time, affirmation, listening and kindness. Wells says a healthy married couple will practice "talking" daily.

"All four of these things: time, affirmation, listening and kindness, are all intentional. But good love, good married love, is intentional."

Wells says communication and time can bring couples together after they've drifted apart. But it can be a very long process.

"Often, relational issues are like an onion. You have to peel a layer, and a layer. And most of the time, families in crisis are dealing with their symptoms instead of what the foundation is. When you start dealing with that, it's a long term process," Wells said.

Mark and Regina Hall say they learned tools for a strong marriage at Centrepoint Ministries.

"We have to have God first in our lives. He has to be the head of each of our families. The second tool is the communicational tools. Make sure that we're communicating on a level that is not threatening to each other."

Now, the Halls mentor and minister others at monthly meetings and semi-annual retreats.

"It's better caught than taught. So if they can see how we're living our lives, I think they can say to themselves, 'Hey, we can do this," Hall said.

It's this mentor program Wells hopes will help society get marriage back on track.

"If families in our culture do not get help, everything else will cave in," Wells said.

The staff at Centrepoint Ministries say they will continue God's mission, helping families in need, as long as they are willing to work at it.

For more information on Centrepoint Ministries call: 903-509-9392

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting

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