Brownsboro ISD Meeting

The last Brownsboro teacher on "paid" suspension has been put on "unpaid" suspension after allegations of improper conduct with a student.

Donald Dudley had been on paid leave since allegations were made against him in mid-September. Two other teachers, band director Danny Burns and baseball coach Andy Malone, both resigned from the district shortly after the investigations began.

The announcement was made Monday night at an open meeting with parents and administration from Brownsboro ISD. Parents asked questions, and voiced their concerns with how the investigations were handled by the school. They also told the district about problems they see with drug and alcohol use on the campus and weapons at school. There was mixed emotions about how the administration handled the parents concern.

Larry Robbins has a 16 year old daughter in the school.  He is very supportive of the administration.

"I think they're doing all that they can.  No one can ever predict these kinds of things will occur. When they happen, you deal with them in a manner that's professional, as the legal boundaries will allow you to handle them. But I think you need to be supportive of the authorities that are taking charge of these matters."

Debbie VanDeman said she felt like some of her question were answered, but that others were danced around a bit.

"We need more accountability. We have some great teachers, but for the one's that need more accountability, they've got to get some kind of system in place. And I am disappointed with that."

The administration said they could not answer some of the questions publicly, but asked parents who still had concerns to schedule time to talk privately.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.