Twenty Burglaries In Five Office Complexes

Twenty burglaries in five office complexes during the Thanksgiving holiday. Tyler police are searching for clues. The robberies happened off ESE Loop 323 at the One American Building, Two American Building, the Woodgate Office Building, Lake Street Professional Building and the Peoples Building in Tyler. Police say the burglar, or burglars pried their way into the office suites, then took petty cash, small items and, at one office, a 42-inch TV. Police do believe the burglaries are all related.

Russell Jackson, Tyler Oil & Gas says, "As I came off the elevator I noticed their were no lights and the door was open just a few inches. I noticed they had taken a screw driver or jimmied the thing open or popped it open ." Jackson then called police. Officer Don Martin, Tyler Police Department says, "Until we can get them off the streets make sure you are not leaving a large sum of money in the office. If it is a night deposit get it in the bank, do not leave it in the office over night because they are prying into safes if they can get in them or petty cash boxes." If you have any information about the burglaries, call the Tyler Police Department.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.