Saddam Hussein Trial Adjourned For A Week

After a five week break, the war crimes trial of Saddam Hussein resumed in Baghdad this morning.

Hussein entered the courtroom last, following his seven co-defendants. He appeared in a gray suit with a white shirt. Two defense lawyers have been killed and another wounded in targeted assassinations since Hussein's first court appearance in October.

After promises of official protection from the U.S., the remaining attorneys agreed to return to court amid heavy security. Defense attorneys say they still need more time to prepare for the case, citing ongoing safety concerns and problems obtaining court documents. The defense is getting a helping hand from former U.S  Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Clark says tight security is a must to protect lawyers and any witnesses called to testify.

The chief judge in the Saddam Hussein trial has adjourned the case until next Monday, December 5th.

Saddam and seven co- defendents are on trial for the killings of more than 140 people in a mostly shiite town 23 years ago.