Thanksgiving At Salvation Army

East Texans once again poured out their hearts to make Thanksgiving a special day for the less fortunate. More than 300 volunteers in Tyler dished out about 400 pounds of turkey and gave attendees all the fixings.

About a thousand people attended the dinner, many just grateful for the warm meal and for the volunteers.

Linda Edwards, Director of Community Relations at Salvation Army, says, "Everyone needs to have the fellowship and friendship at the holiday time, we just want to brighten someone's life." Andrea Greer, Resident at Salvation Army says, "A lot of people that are staying here don't have the ability to cook or go somewhere or do something.

To me it's almost like family and being together and that's what the holidays are about." This is Salvation Army's tradition, giving so many East Texans a reason to celebrate and to give thanks.

Karolyn Davis, reporting