Jacksonville Soldier Killed In Action

Twenty-four year old Dominic Hinton was a Specialist with the 187th Infantry Division out of Fort Campbell Kentucky.

He and three of his fellow soldiers were in Bayji , when they were hit by an explosion near their Humvee. Specialist Hinton started out in the army as a javelin gunner but was serving as a radio operator when he died. This was his second tour of duty.

Specialist Hinton graduated from Jacksonville High School. He was an eight year member at Cold Springs Community Church.

Today, his pastor, Don Harvey, told us he thought it was critically important for East Texans to reflect on the sacrifice Specialist Hinton and his family made for our country.

"We pay alot of attention to those people who are rich and famous, and we fail to give attention to those people who are really contributing to our lifestyle. It's not the rich and famous that help us. It's the men and the women who have laid their lives down for us. Those are the great ones. Our veterans, our young Dominics, and the young women that have given their lives as well, we don't appreciate them like we should. But we sit here today, doing what we're doing, because of what others have done on the battlefield. We as Americans need to stand at attention when someone in the military passes by."

Specialist Dominc Hinton leaves behind his mother and father, his two young children Nicole and Michael, and his wife, Crystal.

We spoke with Crystal today. She told us she wanted people to know her husband was her hero. The last time she spoke to him was on November 16th, Dominic's 24th birthday. He told her he couldn't wait to get back home.