Family Donates Loved One's Organs

A painful decision for a Tyler family. Tuesday, a tree trimming crew was working off Highway 64 near Arp, when 23-year old Welton Warren tried to dodge a falling tree, and was hit by a car and a semi. Tuesday afternoon, his family learned that he would not recover. We spoke with the family about their loved one, and their decision to give the gift of life to others.

Three weeks ago, Welton Warren was celebrating the birth of his second son. Welton's mother, Carolyn Warren Deloney says, "He wanted to provide for his children so he was all excited about his new job." Earlier this month, the 23-year old aspiring rap artist went to work for a tree trimming service. Lonnie Sparks, Cousin-in-law says, "He came to me and asked me to get him a job so he could make some money for kids for Christmas. I pick him up every morning for work and we got to work about 6:30 AM or 7:00 AM. A guy was cutting the tree and Welton was trying to get out of the way and accidentally ran out in the road. A car hit him and then a truck." That accident left Welton brain dead. Deloney says, "I had two sons when I went to bed the other night and I woke up and now only have one." Deloney says she doesn't want another mother to go through the pain of loosing a child, so they decided to donate his organs. Deloney says, "I would feel selfish if I didn't help someone else. I think my son can go on living through someone else and help somebody else's life and most of all keep any mother from going through what I am gong through right now."

Wednesday evening, a medical team from Dallas, arrive in Tyler to start harvesting the organs to give others the gift of life. The family says Welton's co-workers work hard to keep the roadways safe and ask drivers to be cautious around road workers.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.