Longview Police Investigate Rise Of Child Pornography

The disturbing trend of "child pornography" is on the rise, according to special investigators in Longview. Longview "cyber crimes" police say the Internet and an extremely busy "porn" contact network gives the collectors and promoters all the avenues they need to commit the crime.

"The profile is so broad its amazing, we've arrested school teachers we have arrested ex-police officers we've arrested professors in college we've arrested oil field workers so a lot of scale. You can't put a picture up and say this guy has got to be a pervert, you really don't know. It used to be child pornography the only way you could get it was through the mail, the Internet wasn't available so it was easy to track them down. If you stop postage mail or stop a product en route with postal service that's automatically a federal violation. That's easier to see when its being delivered, now the Internet it just opens up to everybody, people can do it in the privacy of their own home they don't have to go to a post office box to pick it up, they're on line doing it and they don't believe they can get caught" says sergeant Mike Hyko of the Longview police cyber crimes unit.

To report child pornography you're asked to call the Longview police "cyber crimes" unit or local law enforcement.