FBI Warns People Of An E-mail Containing A Virus

An e-mail you may have gotten could mean a host of problems for your computer. The FBI tells us they found out this week, people were getting e-mails from both the FBI and the CIA. Turns out, they are from a computer hacker. The e-mails say you use illegal websites and need to answer a list of questions, which are in an attachment. That attachment contains a virus. The FBI says there are several versions of the e-mail.

"This worm, virus that it is, is not completely consistent," said Peter Galbraith, Tyler FBI agent. "I don't think it's a mutation, but as it goes on it puts out different messages to different people and it will use your mail also to send additional ones out if you happen to get affected with this one." If you received the e-mail and opened the attachment, call a professional computer repair service.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com