Holiday Traveling Means More Officers On Roads

The roads are packed with holiday travelers tonight. In Smith County, the Department of Public Safety, Tyler Police Department and Sheriff's Department are teaming up to patrol the roads.

Starting today, DPS will have more officers looking for speeders and people not wearing their seat belt. Tyler police will also be on the roads looking for people who run red lights.

Authorities remind you to take precautions before starting your trip:

First, check your tire pressure, because low tire pressure will cause your car to use more gas. Make sure your spare tire is ready to be used.

Check all of your fluids and have a full tank of gas, and pack all your belongings securely in your car. This prevents items from hitting you if you are in an accident. Now, if you have trouble on the roads, and it is not an emergency, DPS says to call the number on the back of your driver's license for help.

Molly Reuter, reporting.