92-Year-Old Wins Pick 'Em Contest

Margaret Wood doesn't normally consider herself a Green Bay Packers fan, but on Monday night, a Packers win would give her 11 correct NFL picks for the week. Such is the life of an NFL fanatic.

"I used to get the stats every week and figure out the teams, how they were doing," said 92-year-old Margaret Wood.  "And, I had that as sort of a hobby."

But with failing eyesight, reading the newspaer is a thing of the past. She now concentrates strictly on the games.

"I listen more than I watch and I like the commentaries," Wood said.  "I really listen to them, and I depend on them. I like John Madden and Al Michaels. And like Madden and Michaels, Margaret has a lot to say about the sport.  It's a sport she fell in love with, back in 1970.

"I lived in Miami and the Dolphins were on a winning streak, and everyone was talking about it," remembers Wood.  "I believe it was '72, they went 17-0.  Yes, Don Shula, and Bob Griese got a broken leg and Earl Morrall finished [the season]."

She has a long memory, and a vast knowledge of the sport, and the people who play it. She also has an opinion on practically everything, including the 10-0 Indianapolis Colts effort to match her beloved Dolphins undefeated season.

"I think it's fair for someone else to win<' she said.  "You know, they've had it for, how many years now? Since 72, the 17-0? So, it's time for someone else."

Her favorite quarterbacks are Tom Brady and Dan Marino.  She was also quick to answer whether or not Emmitt Smith now can be considered a better running back than Walter Payton, since claiming the rushing record.


And of course, she had a comment about Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens.

"Oh, I wouldn't wish him on anybody," Wood said.

Margaret is quite a character, who, surprise, surprise, also does pretty well at the poker table.

"She's a shark," joked niece Barbara Eamma.  "I'm going to get her a little green visor and she's going to sit in front of the television and pick all of the games for us.  She is a lucky person. She has had good luck all of her life. She really has. She knows how to pick em."

Kevin Berns reporting.