East Texan In Iraq Hoping To Bring Cats Home For Holidays

Debra Weis says her sister, Diane, has always been there for her and she wants to do the same while Diane serves as a supervisor over an Iraqi police training compound.
"Some have been killed by mortars that have come in. I think she's even had one her good friends die in her arms since so it's been tough," says Debra.
Comfort would soon come for Diane when two adorable cats appeared on her doorstep. "They've kept her company and they've been kind of like her family there," says Debra.
But Diane and other soldiers taking in pets were given orders that the animals had to go or be put to sleep. "This is where she is needing someone to intervene to get them to East Texas." The pets have since been shipped to Amman, Jordan and Diane has found a way to get them to Chicago, New York or Detroit.
But it's still too far away for the family to travel to bring them to East Texas. "The two are littermates so she didn't want to separate them." Debra also has a daughter in Afghanistan and is taking care of her grandchild while she serves in the Navy. With two new family members added to the bunch, Debra is hoping a miracle can reunite the entire family just in time for the holidays.
Debra says that her sister vows not to pet any other cats or dogs until she can get her favorite friends home to East Texas safely. If you can help, send an email to cnelson@kltv.com .

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com