Chocolate Fondue Fountain: "Does It Work?"

We've all been to weddings where they have one of those big chocolate fountains. Well, the idea has trickled down to home use. There's nothing hotter right now. If you're planning a holiday party, you've got to have one of these things. But first, it'd be a good idea to see if it passes the "Does It Work?" test.

The Chocolate Fondue Fountain--"Tasty fun anytime," it says on the box. We pull it out to find all that we expected, recipe book, electrical plug, adjustable feet, and the unit itself featuring a stainless steel heated tray where the chocolate rests. The Chocolate Fondue Fountain doesn't use a pump to move the chocolate. It uses an auger-- a big screw that spins up through the middle of the fountain, pushing chocolate up from the bottom and over the top.

The instructions say the absolute best chocolate to use is Belgian chocolate. That's because it's high in cocoa butter. However, the instructions say you can use regular old chocolate chips too. But because they're low in cocoa butter, they say you're going to have to mix in a little vegetable oil.

You'll need 24 ounces of chips and 3/4 cup of oil. Heat the mixture for 4 minutes in the microwave and pour it in the fountain's heated tray. Turn it on, balance the unit using the screw-in adjustable feet and watch if flow! The chocolate comes out the top and runs smoothly over two platforms.

We had a great time dipping strawberries, bananas, pound cake and cookies in the chocolate flow.

And we were impressed by the electrical plug's safety feature. It attaches to the unit by magnet. That way, if someone trips over the cord, the whole unit doesn't come spilling down.

"Does It Work?" We give the Chocolate Fondue Fountain a "yes."

You can also use cheese dips and barbecue sauce in the fountain.

We paid $29.99 for the unit at CVS Pharmacy.

Joe Terrell, reporting.