X-BOX Mania

At all of the stores we talked to the story was the same. People began lining up last night, 30, 40 sometimes 50 people deep. They were all hoping to get their hands on an X-BOX 360.

The new version of the old game unit is supposed to be better than the rest. With sharper graphics, a faster processor, and an exernal hard drive for improved storage capacity, people will do just about anything to take one home.

Scott Steiger is the store manager at Best Buy.  He said people were waiting in line when he arrived at the store this morning.

"They were all in sleeping bags, cold and shivering. It was pretty wild. So I asked the first person I said, 'So how long you been here?' He said since 6:30 last night."

Debbie Bancook is the Target assistant store manager. She said, "They had blankets, hats, and coats, and some of them were so bundled up you couldn't even see their eyes."

Marion Kelsay didn't wait in line last night, but the new XBOX was on her shopping list for today.

"Oh my son. He's thirty. He says the hottest thing on earth is the new XBOX. He has the old X-BOX, which is only two years old.  But he has to see if he can have the new X-BOX. The 360 X-BOX is all the rage."

We checked every major retailer in the town, and unfortunately for shoppers, they're all sold out.

Jeff Beasely was looking for one, but struck out.

"I didn't realize it would be this hard to get one.  I guess I'll have to wait."

Some stores say they will get more shipments of the X-BOX 360, but they can't say when they'll arrive.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting. lwilcox@kltv.com