Police Looking For Sexual Assault Suspect

Jacksonville Police are looking for 26 year old Corry Dewayne Lofton. They say he kidnapped his victim November 5th, and then sexually assaulted her twice.

It started on North Bolton Street. Police say the victim waited in a car, while her boyfriend, Lofton, and another man went into a convenience store to pay for gas. Police say Lofton went back to the car, and took the victim, against her will, to a residential area. They say, he then threatened her with a gun, and sexually assaulted her.

Police say Lofton then drove the victim to a cemetery on Kickapoo Street. That's where police say the victim was sexually assaulted a second time.

Police have issued three arrest warrants for Lofton. He's about 5'10, and weighs 170 pounds.

He's wanted on one count of aggravated kidnapping, and two counts of sexual assault.

Police say Corry Lofton should be considered armed and dangerous. Crimestoppers will pay a 500 dollar reward for information leading to his arrest.

If you have any information, call crimestoppers at 903-586-STOP.