Freedom Fighter: Jolene Sims

Jolene Sims joined the Navy to "learn photography and see the world". Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine how much her life would change in five short years.
  Sims was stationed aboard "The U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, an aircraft carrier designated as a "911 ship". 911 ships are the first to be sent to an emergency. When the war in Afghanastan broke out, The Kitty Hawk was first on the scene and was again first on the scene in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While Sims hadn't countd on going to war, she also hadn't counted on falling in love.
  In August of '03 she was married to Shawn Sims, an engineer she had met on The Kittyhawk. Their daughter, Elira was born in April of this year. Jolene Sims did become a photographer and see much of the world. But even more important, she learned something about the pride of doing something for her country.