Long Marriages Honored In Longview

An annual gathering in Longview is proof that "love can last forever, evidence from a group called the "50-plus club". At the First Methodist Church of Longview today, members of the congregation honored 68 couples for keeping their marriage vows for 50 or more years. They've weathered wars and depression, had hard times and good, but through it all they've kept their commitment to each other, and developed their own secrets to an everlasting marriage.

"My secret is if you don't have a sense of humor get one, that'll take you a long way in marriage" said 50-plus club member Bonnie Asbury.

"If you can't smile go sit in a corner until you can" said Betty Daniel , who's been married to her husband Tommie for 57 years.

Treated to lunch and live music, many are just as in love today, as they were when they first met. And, for the 68 couples there, many cannot imagine life without their partners.

"Everybody thought that when you got married it was for life , there were no alternatives to it" said Bob Boyett who's been married 61 years.

"We've only had one argument in our married life, yeah she won" says Tommie Daniels.

One couple at first methodist, James and Jennie Lou Henderson, have been happily married "71" years. Bob Hallmark reporting.