Missing Jacksonville Man Says He Does Not Want To Be Found

He does not want to be found. Mazi Bul Haque of Jacksonville disappeared almost a month ago. Now, a Cherokee County detective says he received a call from Haque saying he was afraid for his safety, but would not say where he was. The sheriff's department says Haque's voice did not indicate he was hurt. At this time, they do believe he's in Mexico. Haque was last reported seen at the store he owns, Super Shop 5. About a week later, the store closed its doors. Workers say Haque's wife moved to Pennsylvania to live with family and wants nothing to do with the store. The sheriff's department says the case is at a stand still.

"We're displacing it on hold at this time because we feel he's alive and well," said Sheriff James Campbell, Cherokee County. "If the task force in Laredo turns up anything else or any of the family hears from him, or any of the friends hear from him we'll look into it further, but he apparently doesn't want to talk to us anymore." Police subpoenaed his bank records and did not find anything unusual. The sheriff's department also says Haque is not breaking any state or federal laws.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com