Families React To KFC Indictments

For the victims families, today's announcement of indictments in the KFC case was news they had long wanted to hear.

"Today a Rusk county jury has handed down 10 capital murder indictments, 5 each against Darnell Hartsfield and Romeo Pinkerton" said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

It was what family members had waited so long to hear, someone being held responsible for their loved ones deaths.

"Well we've been on a roller coaster ride for 22 years , and we feel like today we're at the last peak" said KFC victim family member Jack Hughes.

A sense of real relief overtook numerous kfc victims family members, who were genuinely grateful to local and state authorities for their diligence in working the case for over 2 decades.

"For the families of those who died, I know that your journey has been undeniably long , difficult and painful, but your pain has not been forgotten, and your loved ones have not been forgotten" said Abbott.

Many times in the past they had hoped someone would be held accountable for the murders of their family members, only to have evidence fall through, but today renewed hope.

"We're real hopeful that this will finally be it, finally get something i don't know what to say" said Myra Farmer, daughter of a kfc victim.

Those working the case say they won't stop working for the families until one final thing is done.

"Its the beginning of the last piece of the puzzle, we obviously still have to go to court we have to prove to 12 citizens of this county that they are guilty and have to find them guilty, that will be the final piece" said Texas assistant attorney general Lisa Tanner.

Abbot said the trials may be moved to another county because of all the publicity the case has been given over 22 years.

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com