School Board Approves Corporal Punishment Policy Change

On Thursday Night, the Tyler ISD approved the corporal punishment policy change by a vote of 4-2. The two members that voted against the policy are not in favor of corporal punishment in public school. 

Before voting, Kristen Baldwin reiterated her concerns. "I continue to remain concerned about the inconsistent use of corporal punishment throughout our district. It's mostly our minority children by a factor of about 10 times."
Michelle Carr says her opposition to corporal punishment does not mean she is soft on discipline. "My not being in support of corporal punishment is not that we are being light on discipline. Or that we think discipline is sufficient on every campus. We do realize that there is a need for very clear discipline on a campus."
Board members in support of the measure say it allows parents to make the ultimate decision in their child's discipline.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.