Kilgore Residents Remember 22-Year-Old Murders

The indictments not only bring some comfort to the families, but the entire Kilgore community as well. For the past 22 years, people have wondered who committed such a horrible crime in their town. The old KFC, where the five young people were kidnapped and later murdered, has been replaced with an eye doctors office, but residents say to this day, when they drive by that location, they think about the murders.

"It was such a shock," said Marie Hughes, Kilgore resident. "I mean that's a lot of people, five, and those people were young and they could fight if there was a chance."

"It was a big deal because it made world news," said R.V. Henderson, Kilgore resident. "I mean it was international, everywhere. I was a kid when it happened, but I'll never forget it."

"It's been a black mark on are community and it's been devastating for the families, and are hearts go out to them," said Jean Laird. "We hope that they will finally have justice."

Molly Reuter, reporting.