Rivercrest Athlete Beat The Odds

Troy Morris is proof that "never" is just a word.
Six years ago, Troy was in a horrific motorcycle accident.
"I got on it, I turned the corner and flipped out. I was unconscious," Troy said.
The muffler burned almost straight through his right leg. Doctors sat him down and told him news no athlete wants to hear.
"They were like, 'Do you want us to be straight with you?' I'd be like, 'Yeah go ahead.' They were like. 'We don't think you will be able to play any type of sports or anything, especially football because of the contact.'"
The good thing, Troy never believed them. "Athletics is like everything to me," he said.
As the Rivercrest Rebel's wide receiver, he has been all-district and all-northeast Texas. Troy has made it to play not just one sport but four, including basketball, baseball and track despite a leg without a calf muscle.
"They'll try to take him down and he'll run over some people twice his size, I've seen him do it," said Rivercrest tailback Bradley Rollen.
"He gives it all even with that calf missing," said quarterback Jake Needham. "It's like he has a calf, he gives it all."
Barely 150 pounds Troy has become a giant on the field.
"That's one of my best friends out there," Bradley said. "I don't see how he does it with one calf but he does it."
"If you have that heart and desire and want to, hey you can play and he's a prime example of that," said Coach Charles Swann.
Troy said it does not matter what hes done on the field, he's just proud to be an inspiration to his teammates.
"I'm really proud, but I'm kind of upset this is my last year," Troy said, "but this is the way to leave it."
Troy is making plans to play baseball for UT next year. Rivercrest will have their hands full Friday night in Gladewater. They play 10-1 and state-ranked Big Sandy in round two of the playoffs.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com