Kilgore Family Angered At Illinois Trial Results

The teenager being tried in Illinoios for the murder of an east Texas girl, will have to be tried again.  A mistrial was declared Wednesday afternoon. 17 year old Sara Kolb was being tried in Illinois on two counts of first degree murder and one of concealing the homicide of. 16 year old Adrianne Reynolds. Reynolds had moved to Illinois from Kilgore 3 months before the January murder.

An Illinois paper reported the jury panel was deadlocked 11 to 1 in favor of conviction, causing the mistrial to be declared. The Kilgore family of Adrianne Reynolds was understandably confused at the news of a mistrial .

"I think anybody who's followed this case would think that, its the evidence I believe they had 43 witnesses all told the exact same story from what i heard even her diary she wrote in own diary that matched what the witnesses said she still denied it , with all the witnesses its overwhelming , I just don't believe anyone could actually think that she was innocent" said Reynolds grandfather Gary Gibson.

Gibson was told late today by the district attorney in the case that they will seek to regroup, go through the jury process and try Kolb again.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.