Hometown Superstar Lee Ann Womack Wins More Music Awards

Jacksonville native Lee Ann Womack scored big at Tuesday night's Country Music Association awards, winning Album of the Year, Single of the Year, and Best Musical Event for her duet with George Strait.

She's now been a bona-fide superstar for nearly a decade.

"She's an excellent representative of the city [of Jacksonville] and a very talented lady," said a patron at a Jacksonville smokehouse.

"I love her music, personally. It's what country music is all about," said another.

Rhonda Parsons is a disc jockey for radio stations "The Breeze."

"Now, everyone knows where Jacksonville is and she's an excellent representative of Jacksonville," Parsons said.

Especially since Womack doesn't forget home.  Her parents Aubrey and Ann still live in Jacksonville.

"Last night was great. She was up for six awards and she won half of them," Aubrey said.

Lee Ann's parents watched from home in Jacksonville with enormous pride.

"It was very exciting -- very exciting," said mother Ann Womack.

Lee Ann phoned after the show.

"She was jumping up and down. She couldn't stay long -- talk long -- because she had to go to a party," Aubrey said.

It was a party in New York City -- one that Mom and Dad say they could do without this year.

"Actually we've been to New York once or twice, and that's enough," Aubrey said.

Lee Ann's long, hard tour season's about to come to an end, so she can come home to East Texas, and enjoy a family Christmas.

"It's always hard to get together, because she's so busy. But, it will always[be busy.] But I'm glad she gets to come home, that we can get together," said Ann.

Morgan Palmer, reporting from Jacksonville. morganpalmer@kltv.com