Hercules Hook: "Does It Work?"

Hanging a picture, no longer has to be a major ordeal. This week's "Does It Work" product is called the Hercules Hook. And it's supposed to make picture hanging easier than ever.

"No Tools, No Studs," it says on the box. The Hercules Hook installs easily by hand and holds up to 150 pounds, leaving only a pin sized hole. You get ten Hercules Hooks in a package.

It's an interesting little device. It looks a lot like the top part of a wire coat hanger. One end is chiseled off, so it's sharp like the tip of a nail. Poke it through drywall until all that's left is the hook on the outside. Of course you can't see what's going on the other side of the wall, but the front end of the Hercules Hook bends around and pushes back up against backside of the wall creating leverage.

We hung 3 pictures, one small, one medium and one very large picture weighing about 50 or 60 pounds. The Hercules Hook held them all. If you hit a stud, you'll need to relocate so you can poke the hook through the wall.

"Does It Work?" Chances are, for most stuff around your house, the Hercules Hook gets a "yes." We couldn't find anything big enough to test the 150 pound claim. But keep in mind it comes with an asterisk. The box says the hook's limitations depend on the makeup of the drywall.

We paid $ 9.99 for the Hercules Hook at CVS Pharmacy.

Joe Terrell, Reporting.