Three Teenagers Die In Rollover Accident

A small East Texas community is coming together in tragedy tonight. Four teenagers from Neches were involved in a rollover accident over the weekend three of them died, and another teen is in serious condition. The accident happened Friday night when the truck they were riding in rolled over on FM 2267, about 4 miles northwest of Neches. All four teenagers were ejected from the truck. Yesterday, 16-year-old Jacob Kleschick, a junior at Neches High School died at a local hospital. 17-year-old Dylan Cagle, also a junior, was driving. He died at the scene Friday night. His classmate, 17-year-old Dennis Hunt died Saturday at a local hospital. The fourth passenger, 17- year-old Neches senior Ashley Coon, remains in serious condition tonight. The Neches community is now coming together for support.

"You don't expect something like this to happen," said Chad Cook, classmate. "You're young and you're friends, you don't think this can happen. Then you get a call and someone comes up to you and tells you that something like this happened and at first you just can't believe you know." Friends of the victims of last weekends truck accident are coming together, lying flowers at the scene of the accident. Everyone knows everyone in Neches. The high school only has about 130 students.

"You know we're all friends with everybody at our school and we all knew them," said Cook. "We were all close to them, not just in our school, but in our community even." Students say reality hit when they went back to school yesterday, and their classmates' chairs were empty, but through the emptiness, the students have found support at school.

"They talked to us separately and told us what we needed to do about it, and how we need to talk about it with each other and not hide our feelings," said Kent Willmott, classmate. "They put crosses on their lockers and like Dylan they put a cross in his parking spot." Some of the students say they've taken life for granted.

"It makes you stop and think about it," said Willmott. "It can end just as fast for you as anyone else and you hear stuff like this, but you don't ever think its going to happen to you." Right now, they are just praying that Ashley Coon, the only survivor of the accident, will pull through and be Neches' own little miracle.

The Department of Public Safety says there was no indication that alcohol or drugs played a part in the accident. A memorial fund has been set up for the students at First Baptist Church in Neches.

Molly Reuter, reporting.