Troup Student Sent To Alternative Education Program

A follow up, on the sexual assault accusations against a former Troup Coach. One of the students police statement states she was put in the Alternative Education Program after she made the report. Former Troup Coach Samuel "Tony" Sutton is accused of sexually assaulting and having improper relationships with two troup students and another teen. In her report to police, the students said she first told a teacher about the incident. However, when she was called into the office, she reportedly did not say anything to school administrators. She was then sent to Alternative Education Program for 3 months.

Troup Superintendent, Marvin Beaty says the student was sent there because she recanted her statement within 24 hours of making the allegation and she was punished for making false accusations. Beaty says, "We asked her to write it down, if you are going to recant write it down and sign it and she did. She said it was not true it didn't happen. And we have that information and so does the district attorney. Matt Bingham, Smith County, District Attorney says, "We don't have a written statement in her school records, if there is a written statement to that affect, please send it to me." Superintendent Beaty says the school followed policy and will do the same if a situation was to happen again.

A trial date for Sutton has not been set. He is currently serving an 18 year sentence on an aggravated assault conviction.