DNA Results From Sexual Assault.

New evidence in the case of an East Texas coach, accused of sexual assault. Former Troup ISD coach, Samuel "Tony" Sutton is accused of sexual assault and improper relationship between an educator and student. Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham says, "It is without question, it is undeniable that it is going to be Tony Sutton's who saliva is in her ear and on her cheek."

He says the DNA found in the ear and on the cheek of one of the alleged victims matches that of the victim and Sutton. The reports states, the probability of selecting an unrelated person at random who could be a contributor to the debris swab is approximately 1 in 96 billion for black people. In case 1, charges against Sutton are sexual assault and improper relationship between a educator and student. In case 2, the charge is aggravated sexual assault. In case 3, Sutton is charged with improper relationship between educator and student. Bingham says, "These girls had courage to come forward and report this crime and I think the community should embrace them for the courage in doing so." Bingham says DNA doesn't take sides and it's going to be hard for Sutton to explain. His trial is yet to be set.

Last week, the Tyler branch of the NAACP held a press conference saying Sutton's 18 year sentence was ridiculous for a bar brawl. They were also upset that girls accusing Sutton of sexually assaulting them.  Were allowed to testify in the sentencing phase of this case.  Monday, NAACP representatives met with the district attorney's office to discuss the case. And the new evidence, afterwards, we caught up with the local naacp president.  Ernest Deckard, President of Tyler Branch NAACP says, "We have to look into it and do some more research, I'm trying to find justice in the system, so we went there asking questions." Deckard says his next step is to contact the state president's office of NAACP. Now, the state of Texas does allow evidence of a seperate crime to be presented in a trial's punishment phase, regardless if the defendant has been charged or convicted of that crime.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.