People Seeking Financial Help With Bills May Have To Look Elsewhere

After this week, P.A.T.H. will not have the money to help people pay their utility bills. Typically, P.A.T.H. helps 10 people per day with paying their electric bills. That number is down to 5 a day. Felicia Arnold of Tyler is one of the last few who was able to get help with a $500 TXU bill Monday. Arnold's daughter was born premature and has to use machines, powered by electricity in order to breathe which is the reason for her high electric bills each month.  In the future for people like Arnold, P.A.T.H. says lack of donations will leave them no choice but to turn people away who need help. "It's really true when people say no matter how much money we get it still won't be enough, the need is just tremendous. As much money as people can give us, we will still put to good use," says P.A.T.H. Executive Director Christina Fulsom. Tyler resident Felicia Arnold adds, "I don't know what we're going to do next month because I can't come to P.A.T.H. next month and say 'hey I have another $500 electric bill can you help me out.' And there's just got to be some other type of resources."

To make a financial donation, you can call P.A.T.H. directly at (903) 597-4044.

Christine Nelson reporting.