7 On Your Side:Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Keshia Neal of Tyler is expecting baby number 3 any day now. Her car broke down the night before her eldest son's 6th birthday party, so she went on-line to Enterprise Rent-A-Car to reserve a vehicle. "I had them pick me up," says Keshia. But things seem to take a wrong turn once she arrived to the enterprise office on Troup Highway. "I told him my name and he knew I had a reservation but when he saw that I was paying with my Visa Debit Card, he informed me that I had to entail all of these different policies," says Keshia. Not only must you have a Texas driver's license and proof of insurance which are pretty standard, but you also must be a Tyler resident for a year, have two utility bills in your name, they must have a zero balance and the address on the bills must match the address on your license. Surprised by the requirements, Keshia says she was willing to honor their policy. "I need to go back and get my documents. And after I said that he walked away and sat back down behind the desk. So the guy that had brought me up there I followed him outside and I thought he was going to give me a ride but he just drove off," says Keshia. So what happened next? Keshia says she asked Enterprise for a ride back home but was ignored. So she had to walk back home herself, crossing six lanes of busy Troup Highway traffic to her house, about a half mile away. It doesn't seem far away but remember Keshia is almost 9 months pregnant. We contacted Enterprise's corporate office in St. Louis who says "it defies business practices to especially not give someone who is pregnant a ride back home." Enterprise also claims the branch manager at the store did go outside to look for Keshia, but her sister says she's doubtful that happened after the conversation she had with them over the phone. "You're just going to let an 8 1/2 month pregnant lady leave when you know that you gave her a ride up there. And he didn't have a reply for that," says Keshia sister, Demetra Robinson. Keshia says she felt sick as she walked home but did make it back all right. It's safe to say though this unsatisfied Enterprise customer had the last laugh by taking her business elsewhere. "I ended up getting a car through Hertz," says Keshia.

We verified a link does exist on the Enterprise website which states that if you're paying by debit to contact the local office for any rules that may apply. Keshia says had they simply confirmed that when they called to schedule a pick up, she would have had all the necessary documents in place.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com