Gas Prices Higher In Longview Than In Tyler

It's just a short drive from Tyler to Longview. But with every mile in between, the price of gas goes up. In Tyler, some stations are well below two dollars a gallon. In Longview, the cheapest we found was $2.08. So why the big difference?

KLTV 7 went to a number of gas station. While we were there, not one person filled up their tank at the Fina Station on Moberly in Longview. "I price check. As I ride I check the price. And I check the price as I'm going. I see the cheapest price and I go back to it," said one motorist.

And today, the cheapest price was not here. They're charging $2.19 a gallon for regular unleaded. Up the road at a much busier station, the price was $2.08.

When we told Melinda Starling she was paying 11 cents more than she would have in Tyler, she was a little disappointed. "I wish I would have known that. I'm going back through Tyler. I'd have stopped in Tyler and gotten gas," said Starling.

So why the discrepancy? We asked the cashier from the most expensive station we found. "I have absolutely no idea. I don't really know. I wish it was cheaper. It'd be a lot easier to get to and from work," said Angela Branson.

Customers aren't exactly sure why there's such a big price difference either, but they have a guess. "I don't know. You hear a lot of different things about price gouging," said one motorist.

Regardless of the reason for the price difference, customers we talked to all agreed. They are paying attention to the numbers on the sign and if the price isn't right at one station, they'll keep moving until they find one where it is.

Oralia Ortega, reporting.