Group Working On Longview Women's Shelter

A group in Longview is working to open a much-needed shelter for homeless women in East Texas.

"We hope to change lives through this program," says organizer Helen Johnson.

Working constantly to create a permanent shelter for homeless women, Johnson has put her own time and money into a former radio station building on Marshall Avenue, a building they'll call House of Hope.

"We have between 75 and 100 homeless women every night in the city of Longview. There's a lot of them out there that don't want to be there and just circumstances have placed them in the place that they are," she says.

Johnson already spends all of her free time helping homeless women, and has a good reason, she was once one herself.

"I know what they're going through because I was homeless too! I also lived in domestic violence," Johnson says.

Much like Hope Haven Women's Center, they're looking to house as many as 50 women in need, the homeless, women suffering abusive relationships, and those who have lost everything because of illness.

"It's a place where they can come in off the street and take a shower, shampoo, eat a hot meal, get a bath," she says.

The want to provide a way for homeless women to reclaim their lives, and they hope that by opening this building, someone will get a second chance.

Bob Hallmark reporting,