Competitive Gas Prices

AAA is reporting the national average for regular unleaded is $2.34 a gallon. However, here in East Texas some gas stations are in a price competition, giving some relief at the pump. We found one of the hot spots in Smith County.

Some East Texans will have some extra cash in their wallet from savings at the pump. Gas stations off 1-20 and Highway 69 in Lindale had a steady stream of customers on Friday. All five stations were competitive with their prices. They were selling regular unleaded fuel for $1.94 to $1.96 per gallon. Ed Kaup says, "It's a low price. I guess it's probably the lowest price in town." It's been over a year since gas prices were below $1.96 per gallon for regular unleaded. Sandra Weesner says, "I never thought I would see the day that I would be happy to see it under $2.00, it's fantastic, but it needs to keep going down."

If you are looking to save a little cash at the pump you might see if the place you go to offers a discount for using their gift or credit card. The gas station in front of Wal-Mart was offering an additional five cents off per gallon if you use a Sam's or Wal-Mart gift or credit card. That's only a $1.89 a gallon, that special will last through November 26th.

Other convenient stores also offer discounts if you use their credit card. However, one East Texan is just happy the fuel is available. Jim Churchwell, say "As long as we can get the gas that's all I'm worried about, it's not that bad." Having the right card in your wallet, might just save you some cash.

Earlier this week, five of the major oil companies were before Capitol Hill to answer questions about record profits this summer. Senators questioned them whether they're gouging the public. The oil companies blamed higher prices on disruption from hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the expense of maintaining refineries. While others said the numbers were misleading.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.