Neighbors Voice Concern About Dangerous Smith County Road

Tracy Sawyer is cleaning up the remains from the fatal car crash that happened in her front yard last night.

"My neighbor came and told me, and when we ran out, both of the cars were already stopped."

She and her neighbors say they've known for years, the black top road that leads to their homes is a dangerous one.

Linda Spencer has lived on County Road 450 for over thirty years.

"I don't know how many people I have had almost run me off the road. I had to get in the ditch to get away from them. It happens every time you get in your car and go down this road. It happens everytime."

Sawyer agrees.

"It's too narrow, the hills are too steep and turn with no signs at all on them. There's no speed limit signs anywhere up in here."

That's their biggest complaint. They say even county officials don't know how fast is too fast on this country road.

Sawyer told us, "The officer on the sight last night said that it was sixty-five. When I called this morning, The Roads and Bridges Department said that it was twenty-five miles an hour."

For years, they say their complaints have fallen on deaf ears. But today, neighbors called The Smith County Road and Bridge Department every hour on the hour until they got a response.

Billy Black lives on CR 450.

He said, "We talked to the engineer's office today for the county, and they want to have somebody out here to look at the situation. But until there was a severe enough accident, unfortunately taking somebody's life, nobody wanted to hear about it."

Around two o'clock, they were told an inspector was on the way.

The group waited outside.

Sawyer said, "We've been sitting out here an hour and they're still not here. They said the only way we could talk to them is if we flagged them down, because they weren't going to stop. They were just driving through."

After another 45 minutes, Tracy called the inspector one last time.

She asked the secretary on the other end, "Is he still planning on coming out today?"

A long silence was followed by, "Okay, thank you. Good-bye."

She looked at her neighbors and said, "He is not coming today."

The Road and Bridge Department says they will try and come out to County Road 450 first thing in the morning.

If they do not, these neighbors won't give up. They say they'll keep fighting to try and prevent another tragic scene like the one they saw last night.

Lindsay Wilcox, Reporting.