Longview Mayor Gives State Of The City

It was an action packed and sometimes tumultuous 5 months for Longview mayor Jay Dean and today, he took the opportunity to address progress, especially protecting citizens of Longview from crime. Around 200 people came to Pinecrest Country Club to hear the mayor's state of the city address, an address where he took the opportunity to say the city doing everything it can to stop south side drug activity and violence.

"We had a number of incidents taken place on the south side , drive by shootings that were really making our neighbors uneasy, we created the neighborhood resource unit" said Dean.

And the effort of the new unit is paying off.

"In the first 22 days we've had 51 people arrested, including 22 felony drug charges" the Mayor said.

After numerous meetings with south side residents, Mayor Dean came up with the plan of action. And many south side residents are seeing the result of the effort.

"Well if its anything its been a little bit better, certainly not worse, things have improved" said south side resident Comoses Davis.

"Its not acceptable for any neighborhood or citizens to be living in fear" Dean said.

Many who don't even live on the south side see the importance of police efforts to stop violence.

"A lot going on especially with the police and drive-bys which is a concern for every city" said Longview businessman Gene Keenon.

Mayor Dean finished today's address by praising east Texans for what he called a heroic effort in helping the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Bob Hallmark reporting.   bhallmark@kltv.com