Sibling Rivalry: Defensive Coordinators, Brothers To Meet In Playoffs

Jefferson and Pittsburg meet in round one of the playoffs Friday night, and for one family, picking sides will be pretty tough.
That is because of the two defensive coordinators.
Teams compete and brothers compete. Nothing unusual about that.
Now, add in the playoffs, and it is a different story.
"First time we've been up against each other," said Pittsburg Defensive Coordinator, Mike Lee.
"We're excited about it," said his brother Jeff, who just happens to be Jefferson's defensive coordinator. "We haven't done any trash talking yet. I don't think there will be."
Brothers Jeff and Mike Lee are graduates of Jefferson High and sons of a former Jefferson coach.
However, Friday night they will be on opposite sidelines.
"That doesn't come every year, it's probably a once in a lifetime deal," Jeff said.
The brothers are pretty close. They said they will let their players do the talking on the field.
"We talked it up early in the weekend and all that but ever since practice started and all that, we shut it down," Mike. "I think our parents are the ones struggling with the situation more than anything."
"The good thing about our parents," Jeff said, "they're going to be on the winning side one way or the other."
So, there is no family feud. But, with the outcome of the game both agree. There will some interesting conversation around the family table come Thanksgiving.
Mike Lee said one question is still up in the air, where their parents will sit during the game.

Maya Golden reporting,